What it is

 A Glycolic Chemical peel uses glycolic acid to rejuvenate and awake dead skin cells. It ranges from 30% to 70% glycolic acid (don't worry if you have sensitive skin, we start you on an at home plan and build up.) Chemical peels are a quick (less than ten minutes) way to clear the skin, and improve texture. Using DCL rejuvenating peels, watch as your skin glows.

What to expect

Expect a tingling, mild burning sensation during the peel. Afterwards prepare for slight-moderate peeling of the skin. After, get ready for glowing, clear skin with an improved texture.

 Chemical Peels help improve skin's texture, acne scarring, over all coloring, and dull skin!

|Chemical Peels $100/ Treatment

Call or email us to book your Chemical Peel with the Cariboo Aesthetic Laser Clinic. 402 Borland Street, Williams Lake BC!

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