Choosing what's best for you is easy. Look at the chart below and pick out your problem areas. If you need help, please call(250-392-7227), email (, or visit us at the Cariboo Aesthetic Laser Clinic, and we'll help you discover the perfect procedure for achieving your desired results. 

Problem Area: (Pick an area and find your solution)

Crows Feet: Crows feet can come with age, and sun damage. To help get rid of them we suggest you discover BOTOX cosmetic for the most successful results. 

Fine Lines: see above

Deep Wrinkles: BOTOX cosmetic and Juvederm both can help improve deep wrinkles. 

Uneven Skin Tone: An uneven skin tone can be difficult to conceal, and we're here to help! Skin Rejuvenation laser treatments help to even out the skin tone. The laser works to fade brown spots, decrease small blood vessels, and to get rid of sun damage.  

Acne: There are several solutions to acne at the Laser Clinic. Our Blu U treatments are a great start. A non-invasive treatment that using light to kill acne and prevent it from occurring. Microdermabrasions and Chemical peels also at improving skin's texture and eliminating acne scars and future breakouts. 

Small Blood Vessels: Small blood vessels can be distracting. Take them away with a Skin Rejuvenation laser treatment It removes unwanted pigments such as small blood vessels. 

Uneven Skin Texture: Everyone wants smooth, soft skin. With Microdermabrasions and Chemical Peels it is achievable. 

Cellulite: Our Veleshape laser can contour and help lose inches off of many areas.. The only FDA approved cellulite reducing laser in Canada, drops inches and improves cellulite. 

Sagging Neck and Chin: Skin Tightening is the perfect laser treatment for improving sagging skin. It works on the face and gives noticeable results even after the first treatment. The laser stimulates collagen growth giving you firmer skin. 

Sun Damage: Skin Rejuvenation laser treatments help remove past sun damage. If you aren't sure how much sun damage you have. Drop by the laser clinic and check out our sun scope.: a device that allows you to see sun damage not visible to the naked eye.

Call us to book an appointment or find out further about our treatments.

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